March Madness, Photo a Day, Day 9

Day 9……tomorrow double digits begin.  I’m almost a third of the way through my photographic adventure.

Sometimes I go to the Starbucks at work for my “Perfect Oatmeal” with brown sugar and fruit, or a tall caramel machiatto, non-fat milk, accompanied by the cheerful greetings and wonderful service of the baristas there.

Other times I come to my neighborhood Starbucks, and many of the baristas greet me by name.  Sometimes they even start my favorite sweetened-green-iced-tea-no-water without my even asking  and it makes me smile that they remember me, and remember what I like.   Or if I want something different, usually a caramel-machiatto-nonfat-milk, I let them know quickly, and still enjoy the encounter with the baristas.

The ambience here at my neighborhood Starbucks has contributed to my blog posts on this 31 day photo project.  I sit in one of their comfy chairs (or not so comfy chairs depending on how crowded it is) log in to the Starbucks network, and blog.

Thanks to all the Starbucks baristas, especially those at the Versailles Rd. and Young Library locations, with whom I’ve had the pleasure of interacting. I appreciate your kindness, friendliness and efficiency.  Here’s to many more friendly smiles and hand-crafted beverages!


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