April! Photo a Day, Day 36–Start moving!

Day 36. 

Start! Moving Challenge–UK vs UL has started.  We walk, run, do yoga, lift weight or other physical exercise, and log these activities at the American Heart Association’s Start Walking website.  By logging 425,000 steps in our daily activity diary by 8 a.m. EST, June 13 we earn a t-shirt!  If the total steps of UK participants in this challenge outnumber those of U of L, we win the trophy and bragging rights!  UK won last semester, let’s do it again.  Last semester we had the option of logging activities in teams, and the team that some of my coworkers and I formed won 🙂

Walking is so good for you.  The nice thing about walking as exercise is that you don’t need a gym or fancy equipment.  With a pedometer you can measure your steps as you go about your day.  And if you take your camera with you, you can take pictures too! 

We kicked off this challenge yesterday with a half mile walk around campus.  A nice crowd came to participate, and we had fun!


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