May! Photo a Day, Day 92

Day 92.   I like this flower.  Does anyone know the name of if?  If you’d like to enhance my flower knowledge, I’d appreciate it!


May! Photo a Day, Day 89–What I did this weekend…..

Day 89.   I went to Wonderfest 2012 in Louisville, KY. 

Trying to get into the hotel was challenging.  Stormtroopers were everywhere!  A disturbance in the Force?

This kid got arrested.  (Not really, the 501st Legion was working with the Make a Wish Foundation to help his dream come true.)

Uh oh!  Darth Vader and his minions…..

A self portrait of sorts.  Look closely at the reflection to the left, that’s me!

May! Photo a Day, Day 85–Photographic Nostalgia

Day 85.  I thought I’d experiment with Camera Bag 2.  It seems similar to Snapseed and Instagram, at least as far as retro processing goes.  Isn’t it interesting that one current processing trend is to make your digital pictures look more like film pictures from different eras?  We even like to include film-type of imperfections like scratches, eroded edges, torn corners, dust spots, etc.

My Dad and I used to develop and print pictures–the laundry room was in the basement, and made a great improvised darkroom!  One time we tried to develop color slide film at home, but that experiment wasn’t very successful.  Back to black and white!  I enjoy digital photography but film sure was fun…..

If Dad and I had figured out color slide film processing we might have had results similar to this 🙂