May! Photo a Day, Day 68–A rose, and the person behind it

Day 68. I drove by a house on a corner lot with such a beautiful flower garden, that I decided to return to it later to take pictures.  As I admired the flowers and started taking pictures from the sidewalk, the owner of the house came out and invited me to take a closer look.  He had about a dozen rose bushes of different sizes and varieties, and shared the name of each one with me.

The roses were exquisite.  Besides their beauty and wonderful fragrance, part of what I enjoyed about these roses  was how beautifully tended they were, and how happy this gentleman was to share them with me.  He talked about each one as if it was one of his children and I could see how proud he was of them.  Getting to know the person behind the flowers helped me to appreciate them even more.  I’ll share more photos of his lovely roses in future posts.

This one is a Peace Rose.  It was the size of a baby head of lettuce!


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