April 30, 2013

Day 60/365.

2013-04-30 CRW_7920 rock my edit version


April 22, 2013 Saturday road trip

Day 53/365.–Columbus, OH

Road trip!  Saturday, we hit the road to spend the day in Columbus, OH, and was it ever cold!  We got there around lunchtime and discovered that hamburgers and smiles are a great way to conquer the chill.

2013-04-22 IMG_7428

After watching “Oblivion” (the latest Tom Cruise movie) in IMAX, we went to visit old friends, and then ended up here at this “corn field” in Dublin, OH.  Dinner at Max and Erma’s, then back home.  What a fun day (despite having to wear parkas this late in April)!

2013-04-22 CRW_7439 v2