April 15, 2013 “The living college”

Day 46/365.

I visited my sister in Atlanta, and happily we stopped by Spelman College to pick up our cousin for lunch.  Not only are we sisters and cousins, we are “Spelman sisters” through our common undergraduate experience.  My cousin was one of the reasons I matriculated at Spelman, and the reason I majored in Spanish.  I remember visiting her at Spelman when I was in junior high, and somehow realizing that it would be the college for me.  Shortly afterwards she married a guy from the Dominican Republic.  At the wedding and reception I heard his family speaking in Spanish, and the beautiful rhythms of their conversations inspired me to sign up for Spanish in high school, and major in it at Spelman.  :Lunch with my sister, cousin and brother-in-law was fun!

2013-04-15 CRW_6848

The day we shared lunch happened to be Founder’s Day, and my cousin shared her experience with us.

2013-04-15 CRW_7053


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