July 2, 2013–Oak Island Light House, Caswell Beach, NC

Day 124/365.  We took a day trip from Myrtle Beach to Caswell Beach, NC, and it was so much fun!  Oak Island Light House was built in 1958.  The structure itself is 159 feet high (including the light apparatus), and is on a slight rise, so that the lights are at 169 feet above the water.  Construction began on a Thursday and ended the following Thursday.  The wall is 8 inches thick, made of concrete, and the three stripe color pattern is permanently cast into the concrete.  The bottom forty feet is natural gray Portland cement. The middle fifty feet is white Portland cement mixed with white quartz aggregate. The top fifty two feet is gray Portland cement with black coloring.

2013-07-02 CRW_2043

Inside was fun as well.  We didn’t get to go to the top, but we did go to the second level.  This lighthouse doesn’t have the spiral staircases typical of most lighthouses.  They have battleship ladders, like the ones you see in movies!  You use the handrails of the staircases to help pull yourself up, and when you descend, you go down backwards, and use the handrails to help.  I’ve seen people use the handrails to slide down in movies,  but I don’t think the tour guide wanted the group to try that!

Here’s the view looking up from the second level:

2013-07-01 CRW_2059


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