September 30, 2013

Day 211/365.  Today is my birthday and what a wonderful day it has been!  The celebration started Saturday when I went to one of my favorite restaurants, Saul Good with a couple of dear friends.  I’ve received birthday wishes via Facebook and phone.

As I tried to Google something, I found this:

birthday google doodle

Hmm, I guess Big Brother, ahem, Google, is in on the birthday wishes?

I participate in a group called “Love & Envelopes.”  It is a birthday club, where each month we get 1 name (or 2 if we like!) of another participant who has a birthday that month.  Along with their name we get such information as her favorite color, a couple of words that describe her, and the URL to her website if she has one.  I’ve enjoyed picking out cards and sending them to new friends.  This month it was my turn.  I received such beautiful cards and birthday wishes from people I didn’t know before.

birthday collage 1

Ashley C. from Princeton, NC sent the card and the nifty magnets; Aleisha M. from O’Fallon, MO sent the beautiful blue Wish Big card; Crystal L. from Rossmoor, CA sent the nail polish and birthday celebration supplies.

birthday collage 2

Jenn N.from Fort Rucker, AL sent the handmade card, with the confetti surprise and the celebration supplies;  Deborah G. from Shelburne, Novia Scotia, Canada, sent the fabulously cool octopus card–the eyes of the octopus move!  Thanks so much Ashley, Aleisha, Crystal, Jen and Deborah for the beautiful birthday wishes.  Thanks also to April, Marine Parents Blog, for organizing the Love & Envelopes club.

I am truly blessed in so many ways.  Blessed to celebrate another birthday, blessed to have friends and family who wish me well, not just on my birthday, but in general and blessed that this birthday has been so enjoyable!