My name is Benita, and I ♥ photography.  I take a lot of pictures, and while I don’t make a living at photography, I’d like to share some of my photos.  I’ve felt for a while that I take pictures in a vacuum; I take many pictures, but print or share very few of them.  One of the purposes of this blog is to liberate some of my photographs from the storage vacuum of the external hard drive.

Taking the picture is the first part of the photographic process so I’ll also share some of my adventures in photo processing and review products I try from time to time.  I’ll do the occasional post about other topics and interests hat I have too.   That way you can get to know the person behind the photos and the posts.  I’ll play it by ear and see how this blog develops. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Please comment if you feel like it.  I appreciate feedback and interaction with others.


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